Sunday May 2

He felt dislocated from time, like he was floating. Up, up. Outside lights were off but the night was a clear blue-black. At the pool. This girl, she was very drunk, she was trying to stay up straight. Helping her. She on her knees. He was fucked up. Had they taken pills? Up. Her skirt his hand was up and touching. She pressed herself against his fingers.
She kissed him, spirit-breath hot on his chin, he was, the water. Touching the water. It was freezing. Or was it warm. A heated pool? A small pool, he unpicked the cover. Three points. Pulled the cover off. She was drunk. He stripped and she watched. Hadn’t he already done this? Getting into the water. Christ. What was he – water surrounding him. Entering it. He reached out for her. Why not. What was her name? Why the fuck.
Out of her skirt, out of everything, shadows curving. She was getting in the water. She was warm. Wrapped his arms around her. She was warm. It was cold. Pressing into her body. Into. Up, up.
The water was shifting with them. Her shoulders broke the surface. He held his head back from her. He didn’t want her to kiss him again.